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Belldine Aoko Wagoro


I am Beldine Wagoro, I have diploma in counselling psychology, accredited with 3 years of experience, certifcate in Trainer of trainees and Support Supervision, diploma in HIV/AIDS management. Beldine is experienced in dealing with youth and adolescent counselling, marriage and relationship issures,stress/stress management, depression,loss and grief,life adjustment, drug use and abuse issues, HIV health related issue, I am currently working..see more


Mitchelle Owuor


Mitchelle Owour is a compassionate Counselling Psychologist dedicated to enhacing the psychosocial well-being of individuals. Mitchelle's core belief centers around the transformative power of active listening, embodying empathy, genuiness and uncoditional positive regard for her clients. In her therapeutic approach, Mitchelle employs a holistic perspective, recognizing the interconnectedness of mental,emotional and physical well-being. Her .. see more


Tony Mutabairi Kilichu


Tony Kilichu is a licensed psychologist with 5 years experience in psychometrical assessments and working with issues such as addiction, bipolar,schizophrenia,depression and anxiety. He has worked with over 80 clients both on personal and group therapy. His approach to therapy includes CBT and psychodynamic school of thought. He has also been featured on local .. see more


Testimonials (With Consent)

Why Do People Love Us?

"Getting a clear perspective of a situation."


"I am a better human and more healthier because you guys exist. Keep doing what you do."


"Looking forward to unravelling more truths."


"aaah ... kumbe this part was to come.. bana I have already answered hii swali huko juu on the previous quizes... haha next time I guess I will first read the whole google form before nianze kujibu... but guess this show and proves how excited and happy I was with my sessions that ata singeweza kungoja part ya testimonial before sharing my appreciation. God in heaven knows that for sure this has helped a brother BBBIIIGGG time. I am very very very VVVEEerrrryyyyy grateful to Hopewell for your work. Once again and again and again(kama pastor anamaliza sermon) THANK YOU HOPEWELL!! "


"I was struggling with anxiety and sometimes it would get so bad it affected my whole life. I knew I needed to get help and I reached out to Hopewell where I got affordable therapy and the experience I had was awesome. I managed to escape the jaws of depression and calmed my anxiety down to a point I learnt how to manage it. And till date, I still apply the lessons I learned in therapy such as self love, planning and journaling. So thank you Hopewell. My mental health is safe because I trusted you to fix it and you did. Thank you!"


"Therapy pushes me to see things positively, that's the biggest aspect I didn't expect from therapy. Slowly by slowly I'm now getting to change my mindset and change how i view the world. It's helping me feel better. I realised there is less pain when I change how I see things and how I think about them. Therapy is helping me feel better, and think better."


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